Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More pics and fun from the weekend...

I know it's Wednesday but I haven't had a chance to put these up!

Sophie, Grace and Carly, Nathan, Olivia - all five Hahn grandkids. Otherwise known as complete hysteria, chaos, and madness all in one when they are all together.

Kris and Natey

Funny picture of Olivia wearing goggles.

Kris' mom Shellie (aka "Sally") painted designs on Natey's crocs. They are so cute!! He got a frog, spider, turtle and kitty painted on each side. Sally is working on her "boy" art, as she's used to flowers and hearts...she will soon be painting dinosaurs and bugs, you know, that kind of thing...

Also, a few funny Nathan comments:
He was playing with Noah (see previous posts!) and Maggie and I were talking in the living room. We heard something that looked like we needed to investigate. We went in and Nathan raised his hands up and said, "I'M BEING GOOD."

We also got to meet Catey over the weekend! What a doll. You forget how tiny newborns are. She is a sweet angel, and Nathan wanted nothing to do with her! I asked him if he wanted to have a baby come live at our house. He said no, and when I asked him why not, he goes, "We don't have enough seats."

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