Friday, June 20, 2008

Good times.

There are a few people on the planet who can make me laugh so hard I can pee my pants. Coco is one of those. xoxo Coco - have fun on vacation this week! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

When you're three, this kind of thing is important.

Nathan and Kyle found a ladybug. It's funny how I can, most of the time, NOT be very patient. But when it comes to these small discoveries, which in the mind of three year old, are very important, I learn to count to ten and realize this is all part of kid-hood.

Nathan was telling me that we're Cubs fans, not Sox fans.(Grandpa, I know you are proud.) Then he said, "The Cubs are going to beat the Sox." ok... got it. Then, after reflecting on this for awhile, said, "The Cubs are gonna tell the Sox, 'Get outta da ballpark!' " I've never used the word "ballpark" in my life, so I'm guessing this is just all in the Bartlett genes. Somehow it is inherently known that this is, in fact, what the Cubs will say to the Sox at gametime.

Headin' home!

Got the boxes...

Packed up The Boy...

And headin' back to Indy. Can't wait.

Nathan is going to be a big brother!

We decided this weekend to tell Nathan that he was going to be a big brother. He decided that we need another boy in the house ("Momma, I want a brother. Not a sister. Or a brother, AND a sister.").

He kind of gets the idea, but not really. We told him there's a baby in my tummy and it will get bigger and bigger until after Christmas, when Santa comes, and then the new baby will be here. He seemed excited.

So later we went down to see Maggie and Noah. I said, "Natey, tell Maggie your news!"

He was quiet for a second, and then I could see the wheels turning in his head. I said, "Natey, remember your BIG news?"

His response?

"OH YEAH! I got two new cars at Morgan's birthday party today!"

The best blog ever

I re-joined a baby board that I was part of when I was pregnant with Nathan. All kinds of stuff there, where people get together and discuss all kinds of issues with pregnancy/parenting. Anything and everything, including names, ultrasounds, siblings, where to buy cheap stuff, etc.

One poster mentioned the blog of Matt, Liz and Madeline. I've been hooked on it ever since. (to visit this blog, click on "The best blog ever", the title of my post, and it should take you. Or, visit

This guy is a hero. Let me explain.

Matt and Liz were a young couple living in California, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby, a baby girl. Liz, small in stature, was put on bed rest for five weeks, and then delivered beautiful Madeline Elizabeth early. She was born March 24, 2008. They were more than thrilled with a new blessing from God to cherish and love. And simply by looking at the pictures, you can tell Madeline looks JUST like her mother. So sweet. Matt is the blogger, and a photographer too, so the blog is filled with beautiful photographs, perfecly capturing every exciting detail of this moment of a lifetime.

Liz was to rest for 24 hours before seeing Madeline. Matt, meantime, did diaper and feeding duty in the NICU and continued to check on Liz.

The next day was Liz's big day - to hold her baby girl in her arms, after a difficult pregnancy and five weeks of bed rest. Matt and a nurse helped her to get out of bed and into a wheelchair, where she mentioned that she felt lightheaded.

She died of a pulmonary embolism - before holding her baby girl for the first time.

Matt was now a first-time father, and a widower, all in a span of 27 hours.

Matt is now detailing his story in his blog. This guy is amazing and has seemed to have found peace, comfort, friendship and support in his online journal. There are days that suck. Lots of them. Every minute he misses Liz, and is reminded that the two most important events in his life - Madeline's birth and Liz's death - will forever be linked.

He talks about how he had to sit in a wheelchair to wheel Madeline out to the car when they were released from the hospital, and his wife's sister stood by to take pictures. Looks from other patients and visitors asked questions: "Why is the dad holding the baby, and the mom taking pictures?"

He mentions that when some folks say, "Playing Mr. Mom today, heh?" He responds with, "I'm Mr. Mom everyday." People are confused, and if he explains further, he feels badly that he ruins people's day by sharing his story.

The guy is doing an amazing job. Not only that, he's documenting every single move this baby makes, and by looking at the pictures, you can tell that she's a happy, healthy baby who is dearly loved by so many people. Matt, although looking tired, is hanging in there.

I hope Matt realizes that he's a hero, and will forever be a hero in Maddy's eyes as she grows up and understands more about her parents and their journey.

Read his story. It will change your life, and remind you to treasure every minute.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More from the Amish

More Amish folks at the train station. I didn't realize they were required to wear matching outfits. That's nice. Probably helps them keep track of each other.

Phone pictures... who knew?

I love having a cell/picture phone. How I managed the last thirty years of my life without this thing I'll never know.

"Rice Pris-pee Treats"

Nathan loves Rice Krispie Treats and instead of buying them, I went old school and bought the three ingredients to make them. I have to say, in my thirty years of life, I probably haven't made these in the last 20. He thought he was SO cool, helping me stir and tossing the marshmallows in.

Here he is trying to tell me what to do.

He also decided that he wanted to go with me to Jewel the other night to get a few things. He was already in his jammies, which was fine, but I insisted he wear a hat because his hair was sticking up in all kinds of places. I was thinking ballcap, and he decided on this:

Whatever... I pick my battles these days.

An Update

After much thought and prayer... we're finally moving back home.

This has been QUITE an adventurous year for us! We are moving back to our house in Broad Ripple and I will be going back to my old job. Kyle is looking outside of JCP but isn't opposed to staying with them either, if they can place him rather quickly in a store in the Indy area.

Thanks SO much for the support of family and friends during this past year, and recently, as we tried to decide what was best for us. We have been truly blessed.

And if you're wondering what sealed the deal, Nathan will be a big brother in January of 2009.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forgot to add a few Nathan-isms.

-We were at the pool and I was putting lotion on him. Nathan: "Am I done with the sun scream?"

-Getting ready to go to the pool: "MOM... I can't find my swim soup!"

-I asked him to let the cats outside. Nathan: "They don't want to go." Me: "They'll go, just call for them." Nathan: "Come on girls... let's go outside... and I don't want to argue about it."

-We saw some ducks in the pond and we went back to the house to get some bread. Nathan was running and his Croc flew off. He goes, "AW CRAP!!!" and ran back to get it.

How cute...

is this?!?

Catey Costlow...8 weeks... she's such a doll!!!

Catey and GiGi (for "Great Grandma"). I'm telling you, GiGi is a pro at this... I remember her being SO soft and quiet with Nathan even if he was screaming - and some how, in a way that only GiGi's know, she'd get him to sleep. She's awesome. Looks like Catey is nice and cozy...

Can't wait to see her again!