Friday, April 30, 2010

More from The Boy

I have a post-it that is running out of room with The Boy's one liners, so I need to get them up here before it gets lost or tossed out. Plus I'm cleaning up my desk and marking things off my to-do list, and "update blog" is just begging to get a red line through it...

-Out of nowhere: "Mom, are you lactose intolerant?" What? No, son... I'm not. Do you know what that means? "I am, every time I drink milk my tummy gets upset." Apparently, he's a doctor now.

-Again out of nowhere: "Mom I won't be home until late tonight. I have a secret spy club meeting." Me: (and I always go along with stuff like this....) "Oh... okay... what time? Do you need me to take you?" The Boy: "No, I'll just take my jet pack."

-I was singing the SpongeBob song in the car. The Boy: "Momma, you're going to Hollywood."

-list of words I don't want him to ever correct: heartbeep, police oppa-sirs, pree-sun (capri-sun), swim soup.

-Every now and then, we have a slight problem with, well, his hand in his drawers. I called him Al Bundy and said, Al get your hand out of there. The Boy: "So a fat lady walks into the shoe store..." Trust me, his father paid dearly for that one.

-Playing his DS.... hollers "HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW...." after beating some guy.

-I was cleaning Lenny's tank and he hopped out. I said Nathan come here! Lenny got out! He saw him on the floor and goes, "What the hell do we do?!"

-We were late to school and I apologized to his teacher. The Boy tells her, "Traffic on 465."

-Easter 2010 (more on that in a later post....) I showed him what The Bunny got His Brother - a few new sippy cups and a new toy since, well, he's a baby. The Boy studies it and goes, "That looks lame."

-I was sitting on the floor and he was hanging around my shoulders. Starts rubbing them and says "You seem tense."

-He was telling me how you can hook your Nintendo DS up with a friend and he goes, "Then you are neck-ted..." (connected)

-He was brushing his teeth and I walked into the bathroom and he turns around and says, "Do you mind?"

-He was home with His Father. I said, can I talk to Dad? He goes, he's not here... and I heard Kyle say something. The Boy says, "That wasn't him. That was Lenny. I taught him how to talk."

-AND... figured out how to rent movies from On Demand. Hit the remote, went to "on demand," then kids/family category, Alvin and thte Chipmunks, "Do you want to rent for $5?" hits OKAY.... this went on for at least a week. A code has now been put on the remote!

-(my favorite) I've been trying to be better at reading to Dylan at night and now The Boy wants to read to him. Perfect practice for him and Dylan loves it. So he opens up one of his books, reads it and then holds up the picture, does a semi circle around the room so we can all see the pictures. Love that kid.

Here's to you, men in blue...

Baseball has started up again. And when the coach said, "Is it okay if he plays on the Cubs team?" I thought The Boy might cry he was so excited. And The Boy's father is excited too. Hats and t-shirts for all. His Brother and I sat on the (insert appropriate word here...sidelines? what do you say about baseball? grass? outfield?) and watched them get back into the game. And afterward...

That's one tired player, right there.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Nope. Not yet. Part of me worries that he isn't, and part of me is thankful that he's not into The Boy's stuff. Yet, at least...