Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More pics and fun from the weekend...

I know it's Wednesday but I haven't had a chance to put these up!

Sophie, Grace and Carly, Nathan, Olivia - all five Hahn grandkids. Otherwise known as complete hysteria, chaos, and madness all in one when they are all together.

Kris and Natey

Funny picture of Olivia wearing goggles.

Kris' mom Shellie (aka "Sally") painted designs on Natey's crocs. They are so cute!! He got a frog, spider, turtle and kitty painted on each side. Sally is working on her "boy" art, as she's used to flowers and hearts...she will soon be painting dinosaurs and bugs, you know, that kind of thing...

Also, a few funny Nathan comments:
He was playing with Noah (see previous posts!) and Maggie and I were talking in the living room. We heard something that looked like we needed to investigate. We went in and Nathan raised his hands up and said, "I'M BEING GOOD."

We also got to meet Catey over the weekend! What a doll. You forget how tiny newborns are. She is a sweet angel, and Nathan wanted nothing to do with her! I asked him if he wanted to have a baby come live at our house. He said no, and when I asked him why not, he goes, "We don't have enough seats."

Monday, April 28, 2008

Anniversary video

Click here to see the anniversary video we made for my mom and dad.

Big weekend in Indy!

Nathan and I had so much fun in Indy this weekend. We missed Kyle and Kyle swore we were gone for weeks but it was only four days...

My parents will celebrate their 40th anniversary on May 4 so we took them out to dinner and gave them a video of old pictures set to music. We had a nice adult dinner and had a sitter for ALL FIVE kids! So nice not to be interrupted and have to take someone to the potty or cut up someone's food, fetch a paci off the floor or refill a sippy cup. Among other higlights:

Tim learned how to text! We believe hell has frozen over!!!

Nathan got to pet the bearded dragon at Coco's school (I was on the complete other side of the room. Photo courtesy of Max Newman.)

We took this picture to send to Kyle because we missed him!
This pretty much sums up the weekend... we were on 65 South for about ten minutes and I looked back and found Natey asleep in the backseat. He slept almost until we pulled in to the driveway!

Monday, April 21, 2008

More pics of Catey

Heather's good friend took pics of Catey... check them out! Can't wait to meet her this weekend!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catey Costlow

Anyone who knows me well knows that being an aunt has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. It started with Sophie, then I ran double duty with the twins, Carly and Grace, and for the short time Olivia lived in Indiana, with her too. It has made me a better person and a better mother.

With that said, I will continue my aunt duties by posting a slideshow of Catey. Because its my blog and I want to. And you're not the boss of me. Enjoy! Can't wait to meet her. Nathan keeps asking me if she's here yet - I think he expects her to knock on our door....

Click on the Title of this blog ("Catey Costlow") to view a slideshow! I can't figure out how to embed it into my blog, and I have three attorneys demanding work out of me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catherine Noel Costlow

Meet Catey Costlow!

She's here!!!!

FINALLY… actually she was a bit early, but it feels like forever when you are waiting on a blessing.

Catherine Noel “Catey” Costlow was born today at 12:08 p.m. to Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law, Mark and Heather Costlow! Haven’t got a picture to post but my father-in-law is all over it and is reporting to me live from Clarion North. She is 19.5 inches and 7 pounds. Almost EXACTLY what Nathan was! Funny how this Bartlett family works!

Catey makes our FIFTH niece and Nathan’s FIFTH girl cousin…Poor Nathan; he’s getting used to Barbies and ponies and Polly Pockets…

Can’t wait to meet her and Steve said Heather is doing well. I stopped in church this morning to say a quick prayer for the Costlows for a safe delivery and healthy mother and baby, and prayers have been answered. God is good. :)

Also, while I'm on the topic of blessings, check out this link:

I was telling my sister awhile back how whenever Kyle and I see a soldier, we tell them thanks. It's amazing what this kind gesture does to them. Remember - if you don't stand behind the troops, you can certainly stand in front of them...

Thanks to our soldiers.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interesting find

I haven't been feeling well lately with asthma, but this made me laugh. I took a load of towels out of they dryer and when I returned to the laundry room, I found this:

This is Georgia...getting comfy in the dryer. And no, I didn't turn it on.

Also, a couple updates on my previous blogs. Funny how toll booth workers and Amish folk at the train station stimulate people's thinking. Thanks to all of my faithful readers, all five of you, for your input.

Skeeter said the Amish guy just wanted a hot dog. My friend Patti said that Amish are allowed to ride, but not drive. So they can ride in a car but not drive it, and they can ride the train but not drive it. Interesting.

Stand by for actual answers regarding the toll booth operations...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Okay. I've seen this guy, and his family, many times at Union Station downtown. I keep meaning to get a picture, and the other day I risked missing my train to get his picture.

This guy is clearly Amish. I don't know much about Amish folks, but they always seem to be really kind people. BUT, don't some live without electricy and things like that? Can this guy take a train? Is that okay? Then I realized that I shouldn't assume he was there to take a train. Maybe he works there or something. Maybe he just wanted a hot dog from Gold Coast Dogs. Not sure. Anyway, it got me thinking.

Another thing that got me thinking. I was talking to my friend Patti and she was telling me that when she gets off the train, there is this lady who is blind and has a guide dog. The lady, upon getting off the train, GETS IN HER CAR WITH HER DOG AND DRIVES AWAY! What?!?!? Patti's remark was, "It freaks the hell outta me." Me too! We don't get it. I told her that she needs to strike up a conversation with this lady and get the scoop. Patti says after the lady drives away she sits in her car for a bit to make sure the roads are clear! I told Patti I don't like it when stuff doesn't have any answers. I have to know what is up with this lady.

That made Colleen, my other friend, say, "That's the reporter in you." She's so right. I have to find out information to things. It's useless information, but still, I need answers. This brings me to the issue of toll booths.

Kyle and I went to the Cubs game one weekend. We got turned around like 20 times and went through a toll. So I asked the Schmoe working the toll if we were headed the right way to Wrigley. He goes, "Follow everybody else." What a stupid thing to say. I'm like, uh, there is a truckload of Hispanics in the truck next to me with a refridgerator in back, you're telling me that THEY are going to WRIGLEY?! What about this old dude and his wife in a 1975 Bonneville? They are going to Wrigley? EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS ROAD IS GOING TO WRIGLEY?!?! So Kyle and I were talking about that, and Kyle goes, "Man... if I worked in a toll booth, I'd give people the most b.s. directions, because it's not like they can come back, you know? What are they going to do? I'd be like, 'Wrigley? hell're WAY off track... turn around and take 294 NORTH and get off at exit 32B...' " and I was like, OMG, you're so right, what are you going to do, turn around and read the toll worker the Riot Act for giving you the wrong directions? Call the state of Illinois and be like, some jackass gave me the wrong directions? and they'll go, well where were you? And we'll be like, "hell, we don't know... somewhere on 294... he was wearing an orange vest...."

Which then brings me to THIS question. How do toll people actually GET to work? Do they drive? Where do they park? Then, once they get there, do they have to haul ass across the highway to get to their station? Kyle said they park on the side of the road, which I didn't believe. Then I asked what happens when they get off, like do they call someone to pick them up and be like, "I'll be on 294, third station with the $ sign over it... slow down and I'll hop in..." and, do they have to pay the toll? Do they pay twice? When the get there and then when they leave?

These are questions, folks, which deserve answers.

Below is a link I found from a guy who, I believe, could be with me on this.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not a lot going on...

Things have been quiet lately. Guess that's good, my commutes have been uneventful (watch... as I say that we'll hit a deer or something on the way home...) and we're still waiting on news of Kyle's transfer. Until then, prayers for patience as we figure out what is next for us... so here are some pics.

Noah is the blonde - he lives downstairs from us and he and Natey are great friends. Kyle went with them to the Arboretum, some kind of park thing with stuff to play on.

Noah and Nathan

Finally, a picture of me with The Boy...thank you Maggie! (Noah's mom)

Will update everyone when I have news... so far, things are quiet in Naperville, IL.