Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playin' right field...

The Boy has started Tee Ball. He loves it and is the fastest runner. I mentioned the other day how he was running so fast. "Yeah..." he said... "I'm incredible."

Dad is assistant coach and the two are having so much fun out there together. It's awesome to see how all of this has come together because Kyle has talked about coaching baseball since before we even had kids, and now that we have two boys, looks like the day has finally come. He even dusted off his old mit (glove? what's the difference? I'm still learning here) and is out there playing ball just like his high school days.

Now I'm not much of the athletic type, but I did notice that The Boy was standing on first and let the ball roll between his legs, not paying attention to the batter. "Natey!" I hollered. "Gotta keep your eye on the ball!" He goes, "MOM! Don't you think I KNOW to watch the ball?!" Excuse me... I didn't realize at the age of four that you had the game figured out.

It is so much fun watching these four year olds get the idea of baseball. They've practiced running the bases and hitting, throwing and catching. One kid hit, and skipped first and ran right to second. The coach said, you gotta tag first! And the kid goes, "I couldn't! There was another kid on it!!" (meaning the first baseman).

For the first two practices they practiced running the bases and then focused on running and stopping at first. At the end of the practice, the coach was leading the group around the bases and said, okay, we're gonna run all the bases now... he hit first, looked behind him and realized there was a train wreck of kids on first base...for an hour, all they had talked about was STOPPING AT FIRST! So they didn't quite get the idea that at some point, they'd run ALL the bases! :)

The mighty Giants have their first game this Saturday and I hate to miss it, but I'll be flying South with Baby Brother for some family time in Florida. More updates to follow...

Big Boy...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Brother is three months old!

(photos courtesy of Patty's Playcare xoxo)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Much to celebrate...

I turned 31. Some days, I feel a hundred.

Not sure what it was about having this second baby, but instantly I sprouted new patches of grey hair and feel as if I'm on the fast track to gerrie-hood. It won't be long before I'm saying things like, "Has anyone seen my glasses?" and making friends with the waitress, as we dine at the early bird special.

Natey and Kyle made me a cake and the only candle we could find was the "4" from Natey's last birthday. SO cute though to watch him and Kyle in the kitchen together, making a cake for Mom. (By the way, Natey's new name for me is "Darlin." Natey can you get that for me? "Sure Darlin...")

Maybe I feel so old and tired from all we've been through in the last year. When I hit thirty, I was about 8 weeks from finding out I was pregnant, living in a different state, at a different job, pondering what to do, and so there's much to celebrate this year, including our homecoming and a new baby which made it all possible. Hard to believe what a difference a year makes!

Guess who is two months old?