Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now Introducing...

Dylan Timothy Bartlett
Born January 26, 2009
8 pounds, 7 oz, 21 1/4" long
Looks JUST like his brother!

more pics tomorrow... trying to catch up on sleep while I can...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Kevin...

Can you watch Eli for a second?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some new and old ones

Remember Eli Allen? He can sit up! I got to meet him over Christmas and this little guy is a doll. He's a very happy baby! Here he is showing of his big-boy skills and sitting up!!

Skeeter was going through old pics and found this one of Natey. He looks so little!

No baby yet. I'm curious what happens when the baby counter on my blog reaches zero... does it go into negative numbers? Does the baby in the bubble on the screen start knocking on my monitor? Hollering GET ME OUTTA HERE?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Took me about a week, but I finally got the blog layout done and managed to keep my graphics. Apparently those are called "widgets." Luckily, it's all there and I can breathe easier.

No baby. EVERY time I call someone... "YOU HAVIN' THE BABY?!" No... just wanted to say hello...one of these days, I'll be making those calls. Hopefully, it's before spring. Due date is actually 1/28, but it's not like the baby has a calendar in there and on 1/28, begins to pack his bags and make an exit.

The Boy is full of his one-liners and I have to get them on the blog before I forget, and before this baby comes and I am sleep deprived and smelling like Similac... Sometimes I wish I had a USB cord that went from my head to my blog, then all of my posts would update as they developed...

-The Bartletts came over yesterday. Natey has been sick and they brought him some ice cream. After they left, he shut the door and said, "Well, that was nice of them to come over."

-He's inherited my "short" gene and his dad's short legs, so his pants are always too long. I'm constantly rolling them up. Now, he'll come to me and say, "Mom, will you roll up my pant sleeves?"

-Mimi was making him put his coat on and he really didn't want to. Finally she talked him into it, and he looked at her and said, "Mimi, this coat looks RIDICULOUS."

-As we were on our way out the door one morning, I accidentally got him apple juice when he wanted milk. He goes, "That's okay, Momma... you just made a mistake."

-The poor child has been waiting on a significant amount of snow and has a sled waiting in the garage. We had it outside for a bit, leaning against the garage, just waiting on the snow. Finally we put it back in the garage. It started snowing and he looked out the window. "My sled is gone," he said, looking back and forth... "we'll have to talk to Dana and Bill about that." (our next door neighbors, as if they stole the sled)

-When we're doing our morning commute to school/work, I'm constantly handing him his juice, then he hands it back. One morning we did this about 4 times in a row and he said, "Mom, I'm making you crazy."

-Loves to call me sweetie. The other day he stayed home with dad and I was leaving for work. He said, "Goodbye, my sweetie," and sometimes says, "Good night, my sweet Momma."

-Spent the day cleaning the house with Dad and called me at work. "MOMMA," he announced, "I helped Daddy clean and I made your bed, so when you come home you can get all cozy."

-Took one look at my hair earlier and goes, "Momma, your hair is ALL jacked up."

-At church last week he came up with me to get communion.

Natey: Momma, what's in that drink?
me: Wine
Natey: Why are you drinking wine?
me: It's a long story. Can we get into it later?
Natey: sure.
-Most mornings, he's a bit tough to get out of bed. So I toss him his clothes and tell him we'll "race" to see who gets dressed first. Usually I come back in and he's gotten to work with it, putting on his t-shirt and taking off his jammies. One day I tossed his clothes to him and said, "let's race... I'm going to win!" he goes, "That's okay Momma... you can win today." He pulled the covers back over his shoulder.

Photos to come, I promise. Nothing recent on this computer, but here's a few oldies, reminiscent of his baby days. Hard to believe we'll have another baby in the house....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year, New Look

And no, I haven't had the baby yet.

New look for the Bartlett Blog. Thought we could use something different as we embark on a new year, and wait the next two weeks out for this baby to arrive. In messing with the blog I lost my "baby counter" which was to the left of the layout, and also my picture of "The King..." but hopefully once I get this attorney out of here and on the next plane to Florida, I can get things bakc to where they were.

I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday and feel like I'm playing a game of Beat the Clock, but am never sure when the clock will run out. What if I leave something undone at work and don't show up the next day because the baby came? Then there are days I get it all done and sit and wait some more. Babies come on God's watch, not mine, which tests my patience...but, after wrapping up 2008 and thinking about all I learned from that year, patience is now much easier than ever for me. So we'll keep waiting. The Boy told someone on the phone last week, "My brother is not here yet..." seems as if the papparazzi were asking.

T minus three hours until we depart for the airport, and I'm attorney free for the next ten days to follow. More of a post then, I promise... with pictures.