Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making good memories

Took the kids to Holiday Park on Kyle’s day off this week. Nothing like pushing a 20 pound kid in a stroller through rough terrain. The Boy had a blast and was so worn out! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Of course I’m not in the picture.

There was a shallow rocky area where people were wading in the water and letting their dogs play in it. The Boy wanted to partake.

His Brother did this, as he usually does.

The best part? We were sitting down taking a breather and we asked The Boy if he had fun.

And his response?

“We made good memories, kids.”

Yeah. We did.

In other news, His Brother is a walking FOOL. Still doing therapy to strengthen him up, but he walks constantly and is into The Boy’s things, as we predicted. We love watching them argue!! The other day The Boy took something from him, and His Brother slammed the door in retaliation. Great. Let the fun begin. And, looks like His Brother will be pulling out the one-liners just like The Boy.

Just today, we’re in the car and I hear this:

“Urp (fake burp). Suze me.”

Pray for me.