Thursday, May 13, 2010


This year's mother's day started out nice. I was invited by the Boy to attend Muffins with Mom at school. Now last year, I was downright giddy for this event. Got all dressed up, had the camera ready to go, let my office know I'd be late coming in because I had an event at school. With my SON. For MOTHER'S DAY. I was about to be honored and this event could not be missed.

So last year we got there and I went to get some juice, and he looked around, saw his buddies playing and said six little words.

"You can go to work now," he announced.

Sigh. So I took a muffin with me, shoved it in my purse next to my camera, which went untouched.

So this year I didn't think much of Muffins with Mom, because obviously The Boy was too cool for me. I'd drop him off and move on with my day. But his teacher, knowing my heartbreak last year, talked it up, and we enjoyed a nice breakfast together and even caught a picture (photo courtesy of Miss Katie, who knew my feelings were at stake here).
Mother's Day, 2010. The Boy, age 5, Momma, age unknown.

So we were off to a good start. We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday because Kyle had to work on Sunday. We had a chilly baseball game where I saw The Boy make several good hits, a few good catches and run like the wind. (Never mind that at one point, I was watching him at bat, and my mother-in-law says, "OH MY GOD! DYLAN IS ON THE FIELD!" He had escaped to the third baseline. I grabbed him and said, "NOW WHERE IS HIS MOTHER?" and lurked back to my lawn chair). I received two very sweet cards from three very special men in my life, and we decided for Mother's Day I'd go pick out some flowers to plant, but with the weather being chilly, we tabled it for another weekend.

So on Sunday, I was on my own with the two boys. The weather was beautiful and I had a list of things to accomplish, which was fine with me, because putting lines through items on a to do list brings me great happiness. And one of those items is mowing the lawn. The Boy was busy with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, while His Brother sat in his exersaucer in the driveway and played.

Two strips of the lawn mowed.... ah.... immediate gratification.

And then I slipped. Let go of the mower, heard something snap,and fell on my keester.

My dear friends Suzanne and Drew were on their way over anyway and pulled up to me laying in my front yard. It was decided that Drew and I would go to the ER while Suzanne and Max stayed with my boys.

The Boy and Max played while Suzanne put His Brother down and waited on news from us.

Three hours and three x-rays later, a broken ankle, walking boot, grass stains up my back and behind, clipped grass on the hospital bed and in Suzanne's car, and now, after an ortho visit, surgery scheduled for next week.

All in the name of marking things off my to do list.

And while we were at the ER, Drew and I were passing the time. He has a trivia app. on his phone.

Wouldn't you know it.


Ahhh... The Boy.

Usually when we shop and I have both monkeys with me, I get one of those enormous carts with the two seats in it, so everyone is strapped in and there is no funny business. I want to get in and out and its hard enough with His Brother seeing all this food and The Boy asking if we can buy this and that...

The thing is like driving a semi through my one car detached garage. Anyway.

So recently we went and they were out of the big carts which meant I had to use a regular one. The Boy complains about not wanting to sit in the "big part" and wants to sit in the little part. No dice... where will I put your brother? "You can just hold him!" Sigh... so finally I said, you're 85 years old, you can walk. I have to put your brother in the small part because he can't walk.

This of course resulted in whining, PA-LEEZE can I ride in the cart... FINALLY I said, no, but do you want to take pictures on my phone?

He went for it. So, I present to you, a trip to the grocery through The Boy's eyes.

A nice shot of my rear.

His Brother in the coveted part of the cart. Note me inspecting something to the right.

How about some bagels?

The aisle.

The parking lot.

Let me know if you'd like an 8x10.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010