Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Introducing ELI ALLEN BROWN!

Skeeter texted me this picture of her new baby boy this morning. Introducing Eli Allen Brown! We have been awating his arrival for quite some time... seems as if every day Skeeter had something to report, contractions, pains... but never a baby! And bless her heart, she went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor offered to induce her. She wanted to let nature take its course! What is she, some kind of super hero?!

I'm guessing he's got a good set of lungs...

Congrats to Tammy, Kevin, Helen and David, and everyone in the Brown/Dock clan. Cannot wait to meet little Eli in person and watch him grow up through the years! Welcome to parenthood, Tammy and Kevin! xoxo The Bartletts

Thursday, July 24, 2008

WHERE does this kid GET this stuff?!?

Kyle picked up Nathan from school today. He was asking him how school was and what he did today.

"Dad, we sang a song," he said, "It was old school."

The joy of pregnancy...

About once every few weeks I have a horrible day, where certain smells put me over the edge and my stomach gets a mind of its own. Yesterday was one of those. It started with some fool at work who left cantaloupe in the fridge. From then on, I could hardly eat the rest of the day and NOTHING sounded good. But I know I have to have SOMETHING in there or I will feel even worse.

So yesterday was crummy (who says "crummy" anymore?) and Nathan is at the point too where he knows that I have days where I just don't feel good.

Last night I couldn't stop throwing up, and whoever invented the term "morning sickness" either was never up past 10 a.m., or a man. Nathan and I had the following conversation.

Natey: "Mom, is the baby making your tummy upset?"

me: "yes... it's okay buddy... it's just part of having a baby in my tummy."

Natey: (reflecting on the above statement) "Well, are you sure the baby is still IN there?"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Forgot to add...

That I was relieved to see that the baby counter on the page looks more like a baby now, instead of a little shrimp with a funny head. :)

More from Natey Cakes

So so sorry about the delay in posts... hopefully, even though I'm back in Indy, things will still remain exciting and I can continue to get pictures of Amish people and Natey doing funny things.

Kyle's still in Chicago and we're hoping and praying for job news soon. Thanks for all the prayers. I know they are heard.

So I'm a single parent during the week when Kyle is gone. Hopefully he can come home this weekend but we're not sure.

At first I was a teeny bit excited about having some time to myself, taking Natey places and doing my own thing. That lasted about two days. Now I'm tired. I feel bad for Nathan because I know he's sick of me and really, I'm not much fun. So I'm trying to do fun things with him in the evening, like a trip to the park or the library. Last night we had dinner with Kris, and even that was enough for him to be entertained. A few of his latest "Natey-isms:"

~Kris was asking him about the baby. She goes, "So will the baby stay in there forever?" Natey goes, "No... it will come out... at some point."

~We were talking in the car about something funny. He loves to talk about things that happened in the past, and is always saying, "Mom... you member..." (you remember). He asked me about something I remembered, and he goes, "You member that? That was ha-WARE-ee-is."

~We were driving home from the lake and he goes, "You did an excellent job, Momma." I said, doing what Natey? "Driving us home." Kyle laughed and said, "I think that's the only time she's ever heard that!!" (so I'm not a great driver... cut me some slack... I'm good at other things)

~Loves to think of new ideas. Goes, "HEY MOM... guess what... I got the BEST... great idea..." and will follow it with something. Goes, "I got the BEST great idea.. how bout... we go home, put on our jammies, get cozy, and make cookies."

~Can tell you how to get to the lake: "Go to that stinky street (Hazel Dell), go around those turney things, (roundabouts) and you're at the lake." (Noblesville)

~Loves to play school and will give me jobs to do. When I've completed them to his satisfaction, he'll go, "Good job, Momma. Now..." and take me to the next task...

In Baby Bartlett #2 news, all looks well. Nathan went with me to the doctor (mistake) and said, "Why my momma gotta pee in a cup?" and then asked, "Why does the baby look like a snowman?" So, at the suggestion of my aunt Patty, maybe we'll name him Frosty....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorry... about the delay in posts...

It's been awhile, and to all five of my readers, I apologize. But we've moved back to Indy and are getting back into our normal routine.

As part of the move I didn't - and still don't - have cable TV or internet service. Then, to make matters worse, my cell phone got wet somehow and was out of commission. I was out of communication from the rest of the planet until today, when I received my new phone. It's not over yet though- it's the wrong color and I'll be back at Verizon today hollering at someone.

So we're back in Indy and Nathan's back at his old school. He seems to enjoy it and work is going well for me. Now, if Kyle could just get home and stay home, it would feel like "home" again. :)