Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall and Halloween 2010

I've got blogger's block. Somehow, I'm not coming up with words very easily, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Here's Halloween:

Here's some more fun at Holiday Park:

More to come. As soon as I find some words.

Big Papa's Day Care

My cousin Katie runs a daycare out of my Aunt Patty’s house. His Brother is a student there.

God love that girl. How she takes 5 kids (ranging in age from 4 months to 3 ½ roughly) and entertains them all day without pulling her hair out is a mystery to me, but she does, and she’s good at it. The kids just adore her. Actually, her sister got married recently and Katie was Matron of Honor. We were in the second row at a beautiful outdoor wedding, and as His Brother saw Katie and could NOT stop hollering, “HI KAY-EE! HI PADDDEEE! KAY-EE? KAY-EE!!!” so much to the point that we had to remove ourselves from our perfect seats and enjoy the rest of the wedding standing in the back, trying to prevent His Brother from running up the aisle and jumping in Katie’s arms, as she’s trying to straighten her sister’s bridal gown.

Anyway, poor Katie was down for the count. In the hospital with viral meningitis, and her kids are missing her. So as we prayed for a speedy recovery, we all made other day care arrangements.

Big Papa was on duty for two days this week. As he says, he’s “cockpit qualified” to watch an almost 2-year-old for a few hours. After five younger siblings, three kids of his own and with His Brother being the sixth grandchild, Big Papa knows the deal.

I think the two enjoyed the two days together. And Big Papa even sent me this picture to my phone.

Don’t worry though, Katie... Papa’s not getting his day care license anytime soon. Luckily she’s on the mend, so Papa can get back to doing his crossword puzzles and taking walks around the block. It’s tough to be retired...