Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sickies

We've had sickness flying around our house at one point or another. If its not an ear infection, someone's puking or running a fever.

The Boy wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and hollered "MOM! I've got a real problem here!" and I ran into the living room and he puked on the floor. Poor guy. He's on the road to better health now though.

And last night I dealt with this from His Brother:

He's fighting double ear infections, on his second antibiotic for that and also fighting something called Roseola. Apparently its an extremely high fever for serveral days followed by a rash. But he's holding his own and we're pushing fluids and doing the Tylenol/Motrin combo. He got a new sippy cup from Santa - and it's helping.

Pray for good health in 2010. This group needs it!

New toys

Spent four zillion dollars on Christmas and he's playing with a paper bag. Happy Holidays, Son.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorry for the Silence

I thought we'd be busy after having a second child. I thought the busy days would be when we were going without sleep and making bottles and managing a four year old.

I was wrong. The busy days are now.

So I'm sorry for the silence, and I have about 327 blog posts to put up, and I will get to it. Until I can get pictures downloaded, here is a list of the most recent one-liners from The Boy:

-We were shopping at Walmart and he was trying to pick out a toy. Kyle was taking him up and down the toy aisles to pick something out, saying “Well here’s a spider man thing, what about a Hot Wheels? Here’s a monster truck...” The Boy mentioned that it was a hard decision. Kyle said I know Buddy, but we have to pick out something... finally The Boy says, “Screw it. I’ll just get Hot Wheels.”

-I stopped at a market and got fresh strawberries and was telling him that a farmer in Indiana grew them. I asked him what he thought. He chewed for a second and said, “They just taste ordinary.”

-He was telling me they were learning about Johnny Appleseed. I said, that sounds cool, what did he do? The Boy says, “He grew apples. What do you THINK he did?”

-After giving His Brother solid food, he snacks on Cheerios every now and then. The Boy asked what they were and if he could have one. I said sure and he said, “Dad, you can have one too. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a baby if you eat them.”

-When leaving the house in the mornings I make sure all of the lights are off before we leave the door and he goes, “Don’t worry, I’ve turned on my night vision.”

-I asked him what he had for lunch and he said, “Meatloaf, Beatloaf.” (From Christmas Story)

-We arrived somewhere, pulled in and he goes, “We’re here, kids.”

-He’s struggling with sitting still through church, which is easily understood when you’re almost five. I had His Brother in his seat and once church was over, The Boy turns to me and points to His Brother and says, “Church is over, can I irritate him now?”

-One morning we were running very late. I mean, we’re hustling to get out the door, I’m hollering at him to find his shoes, I’m digging around for car keys. Finally I said, okay let’s go, and he backs up, holds his hand out to the front door and says, “Ladies FIRST.”

-We took a trip to Brown County and went to the state park. I had His Brother in the stroller and he dropped his toy. I brushed it off and handed it back to him and The Boy says, “Aren’t you going to rinse that off?”

-They have a project at school where if they read five books, they get a free kids meal. He said, “If I read five books, I get a kids meal at Raviolis.” (Fazolis)

-Every now and then I bring him a prize from work. A piece of candy or something from the vending machine. I forgot one day and he goes, “I am so APPOINTED at you.”

-He was darting through the house without any clothes on and Kyle said, “I see your booty!” he goes, “Don’t any body be getting any funny ideas!!!”

-He’s a real bear to get up in the mornings. Finally I got him up and he’s moseying into the bathroom, eyes barely open, eyebrows furrowed. He looks at me and goes, “Why you gotta be so bossy at me?!?”

-His Brother is at that age where he rolls all over and is hard to change and dress. I keep telling him no, no no Dylan, Dylan no no... and The Boy says, “Dylan, Santa’s watching you.”

Update on us:

The Boy: Lost FOUR teeth, getting ready to turn five, excited for Christmas, loves things that make noise like Star Wars and cars that crash.

His Brother: Has six teeth, hollers Momma, Da Da, Uh Oh, and if you say, “How does a clock go?” he clicks his mouth. Crawling and trying to lift his knees to get around faster.

So that’s the latest. More “older” postings to come.