Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sickies

We've had sickness flying around our house at one point or another. If its not an ear infection, someone's puking or running a fever.

The Boy wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and hollered "MOM! I've got a real problem here!" and I ran into the living room and he puked on the floor. Poor guy. He's on the road to better health now though.

And last night I dealt with this from His Brother:

He's fighting double ear infections, on his second antibiotic for that and also fighting something called Roseola. Apparently its an extremely high fever for serveral days followed by a rash. But he's holding his own and we're pushing fluids and doing the Tylenol/Motrin combo. He got a new sippy cup from Santa - and it's helping.

Pray for good health in 2010. This group needs it!


mamaw said...

Poor guys. They are having a terrible time. I hope they get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot believe how big Burns is! I hope you all are feeling better soon. xox coco

Anonymous said...

Oh the poor fellows! I'm so sorry they're sick. If you need anything, please let me know. I hope they are better very soon --you too, Em!