Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorry for the Silence

I thought we'd be busy after having a second child. I thought the busy days would be when we were going without sleep and making bottles and managing a four year old.

I was wrong. The busy days are now.

So I'm sorry for the silence, and I have about 327 blog posts to put up, and I will get to it. Until I can get pictures downloaded, here is a list of the most recent one-liners from The Boy:

-We were shopping at Walmart and he was trying to pick out a toy. Kyle was taking him up and down the toy aisles to pick something out, saying “Well here’s a spider man thing, what about a Hot Wheels? Here’s a monster truck...” The Boy mentioned that it was a hard decision. Kyle said I know Buddy, but we have to pick out something... finally The Boy says, “Screw it. I’ll just get Hot Wheels.”

-I stopped at a market and got fresh strawberries and was telling him that a farmer in Indiana grew them. I asked him what he thought. He chewed for a second and said, “They just taste ordinary.”

-He was telling me they were learning about Johnny Appleseed. I said, that sounds cool, what did he do? The Boy says, “He grew apples. What do you THINK he did?”

-After giving His Brother solid food, he snacks on Cheerios every now and then. The Boy asked what they were and if he could have one. I said sure and he said, “Dad, you can have one too. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a baby if you eat them.”

-When leaving the house in the mornings I make sure all of the lights are off before we leave the door and he goes, “Don’t worry, I’ve turned on my night vision.”

-I asked him what he had for lunch and he said, “Meatloaf, Beatloaf.” (From Christmas Story)

-We arrived somewhere, pulled in and he goes, “We’re here, kids.”

-He’s struggling with sitting still through church, which is easily understood when you’re almost five. I had His Brother in his seat and once church was over, The Boy turns to me and points to His Brother and says, “Church is over, can I irritate him now?”

-One morning we were running very late. I mean, we’re hustling to get out the door, I’m hollering at him to find his shoes, I’m digging around for car keys. Finally I said, okay let’s go, and he backs up, holds his hand out to the front door and says, “Ladies FIRST.”

-We took a trip to Brown County and went to the state park. I had His Brother in the stroller and he dropped his toy. I brushed it off and handed it back to him and The Boy says, “Aren’t you going to rinse that off?”

-They have a project at school where if they read five books, they get a free kids meal. He said, “If I read five books, I get a kids meal at Raviolis.” (Fazolis)

-Every now and then I bring him a prize from work. A piece of candy or something from the vending machine. I forgot one day and he goes, “I am so APPOINTED at you.”

-He was darting through the house without any clothes on and Kyle said, “I see your booty!” he goes, “Don’t any body be getting any funny ideas!!!”

-He’s a real bear to get up in the mornings. Finally I got him up and he’s moseying into the bathroom, eyes barely open, eyebrows furrowed. He looks at me and goes, “Why you gotta be so bossy at me?!?”

-His Brother is at that age where he rolls all over and is hard to change and dress. I keep telling him no, no no Dylan, Dylan no no... and The Boy says, “Dylan, Santa’s watching you.”

Update on us:

The Boy: Lost FOUR teeth, getting ready to turn five, excited for Christmas, loves things that make noise like Star Wars and cars that crash.

His Brother: Has six teeth, hollers Momma, Da Da, Uh Oh, and if you say, “How does a clock go?” he clicks his mouth. Crawling and trying to lift his knees to get around faster.

So that’s the latest. More “older” postings to come.


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well I had canceled my subscription to this blog, but thankfully my little mouse made it's way over here just to check in.
thanks for the laughs. tell The Boy hello and give His Brother a kiss for Aves.
love you miss you xox