Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guess who is ONE?!

Hard to believe it's been ONE year. This guy is the best. Such a good boy (a momma's boy... and I'm okay with that) and a real angel to our family. Happy Birthday to our Dylan Timothy Bartlett!

Two of his biggest fans!!

I'm wondering about a first haircut. Part of me is ready, the other part of me isn't ready to say goodbye to his baby-ness. These curls, included.

Children's Museum

We got a pass for Christmas and it has already paid for itself. The Boy runs up and down the ramps (wearing himself out... WOOO HOOOO) and I push His Brother in the stroller. And to top it off? A Star Wars exhibit. I mean, its one step away from Heaven.

The Boy wanted me to take a picture of him with every Star Wars guy. They were all the same to me.

Notice I am not in any of these pictures. Does anyone ever say, here Momma, let me get a picture of you and the boys.... no. I'm the one making memories. They'll thank me some day, but if I ever die, there will be no pictures to post at my funeral!!
I have no idea who this guy is. I called him Chewbacca and was reprimanded by everyone.

And being the mother of boys, I am asked to take photographs like this one. Who wants an 8x10? Wallets?

This is all this guy does. He loves it.

No one wanted to go to the Barbie exhibit with me. Well guess what? He's too young to say no. He's my favorite...

One of his favorites. He probably spent an hour doing this.

More trips to the CM to come. Maybe, I'll get a photograph of myself there. Just maybe.


Sorry for the delay. Actually, I'm not. Who am I apologizing to? The four readers I have? It's my blog. You're not the boss of me.

We had a whirlwind of Thanksgiving, Christmas, The Boy's Fifth Birthday, His Brother's First Birthday, and some stuff in between. Here are a few one liners to keep you entertained until I get pictures downloaded.

-The Boy handed me something and said, "Can you hold this? Like, sometime today?"

-We were watching American Idol. The Boy looks at me and goes, "He’s not going to Hollywood."

-His Brother is a crawling fool and I have to tell The boy 42 times a day to pick up his stuff. His Brother crawled over to me and handed me a lego man. I said, Natey, look what Dylan has. The Boy looks up and says, "eh...he can have it, I don’t care about that guy."

-He loves his new Nintendo DS from Santa. He was telling me all about it and goes, "That’s a bad guy, he’s got to stand in front of the judge."

-Whenever we see traffic, he points at people sitting in line and goes, "SUCKAS!!!"

-He was telling Kyle about how he's watching alot of TV at school. Kyle started asking questions because considering what we pay that joint every month, he shouldn't really be sitting around, watching Montel. He confessed that he's sneaking out of class to watch his shows, because he doesn't want to miss any of them. "Dad, there is this room with TV's that the teachers use and I watch my shows in there. But don’t tell anyone, I haven’t gotten caught yet.” We don't know which is more concerning - that he's sneaking out of Pre-K, that he's sneaking out to watch TV, or that he knows he might get caught, and he's okay with any repercussions.

-At Christmastime, he made reindeer food. We sprinkled it outside on Christmas Eve and he goes, "Mom, put the reindeer food in the street, I don’t want any reindeer poop in our front yard." (and hypothetically, let's say that happened. As if I'd say, "BOY! Get out here and clean up that reindeer poop!")

-While we were sprinkling the reindeer food (in the street), the wind blew. The boy hollers, "that’s santa’s magic! I gotta get to bed!"

-We took a trip to the CHildren's Musuem (pics to come). I wanted to see the Barbie exhibit. I said, who is coming with me? He looks back at me and gives me a thumbs down. Keeps walking.

-This came out of nowhere: “Who wants a knuckle sandwich? Because I'm ABOUT to deliver.”

-to Kyle:“Dad? What’s with you eating on the bed?”

And by the way, he has decided he wants to be called Bucky. Not sure why, but we're going with it. For today at least...

I have an idea...

How about we update the blog?

Nah, I gotta read the paper.