Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So we've been busy...

Hard to believe Dylan is two weeks old already and I've yet to update the blog! Jumping back into the "newborn" regime has been a bit rough, but it's come back to me. He's a good baby and so much like Nathan - sleeping and eating well. It's funny the second time around...I don't feel as anxious as the first time. Not that we are experts of any kind, but we've at least danced this dance before and feel like we can hold him without breaking him.

Natey has taken to big brother hood like he was born to do it! He loves Dylan and the things that have come out of his mouth are coming out so fast we can hardly write them down. More on that in another post - wanted to post some pictures before my blog readers get any more angry at me...

No word on Coco and Baby Thor... COME ON THOR! That girl has GOT to have that baby... I know she's up and over it! Coco we are thinking of you and patiently waiting

Meantime, here's some pics of the whole show. Long story short, I developed a fever during labor and Dylan's heartbeat was elevated. He also was turned toward my right hip (should be face up or down during childbirth) and would not move, and stuck at 9 cm. These all prompted a c-section around ten p.m. Not quite the way I wanted to go, but it was safest for both of us. We were treated with IV antibiotics after his arrival and were sent home five days after he was born, both of us healthy. Couldn't ask for more.