Monday, July 27, 2009

For the children's sake...

The blog is going private. I don't feel comfortable having pictures and my life story posted out for the entire world to see.

If you want to continue to tune into the happenings, email me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another good one-liner

The kid doesn't stop. I gotta write these down while they are fresh in my mind.

We were driving to school today and The Boy said, "Daddy doesn't go to work this way." I said no, he takes the highway. His response?

"Yeah... he takes the highway. We don't. We take the low way."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our 100th Post!

One hundred posts.

Hard to believe I had something important to say, and then 99 more things to say after that one.

I started this blog when we moved to Chicago to keep our family and friends updated on what we were up to. It's turned into much more than that - a place for me to write what I want and not care what people say or not say... because it's my blog, and you're not the boss of me. It's also an "online scrapbook" of sorts, to remember what we were up to, see how our lives have changed, and to record the one-liners of The Boy. I hope blogspot never goes away, because I have two years of memories on this thing.

So happy 100th post to The Bartlett Family 3 (although we are Bartlett Family FOUR now... which I never envisioned when writing our first post!) and here are some one-liners from our favorite four-year-old:

-Last night The Boy asked me to get something for him and I was feeding Baby Brother. I said, sure, I can get it, can you hold his bottle? And be careful how you hold it, because he starts jacking around. The Boys says, "Dylan, now would be a good time for you to NOT jack around since I'm trying to give you your bottle."

-Last night Kyle and The Boy were talking about going to the Children's Museum today because it's raining. Kyle mentioned the idea and said, I think they have something about Legos going on right now, and The Boy says, "Sure. We can go see that Lego Convention."

-(This one will make me mother of the year) As you can read in our previous post, the boys camped in the backyard. I slept inside and on Sunday morning, Nathan kept coming in and out of the house trying to get me to come outside. I tried to procrastinate as long as I could, because getting out my cozy bed to go lay in a tent just wasn't appealing to me. He finally tries one more time and hollars into the back door: "MOMMA! Get yer A double S out here!" At least he didn't say the word, but we realized we need to stop spelling so much in front of him. Duly noted.

-After more than a week home with Kyle, he told him yesterday, "Dad, you're the best dad ever." Thanks, Buddy... we try. It helps to have a kid like you :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Camping

The Boy has been talking about wanting to go camping. He wants to make a fire, do smores, sleep in a tent, etc. So before venturing out into the wilderness, we borrowed a tent and a fire pit and tossed it all together in our backyard. He loved it! I personally loved that I was able to go inside and sleep in my own bed. The weather here has been colder than normal, so it was perfect for camping.

Gotta get yer gun and ammo if you're going to be camping (in Broad Ripple, where wild animals are everywhere...)

These two strapped their sleeping bags on their backs, walked the streets terrain of Broad Ripple to find the perfect campsite.

Big Brother helps out

This is awesome. I taught The Boy how to feed his brother. This now frees me up to do something in the ten seconds it takes him to get tired of it, and for Baby Brother to start bellyaching that he's not shoveling it in fast enough.