Thursday, March 24, 2011

They just never stop

With my last blog update taking about a day to fully complete, after posting it I found a few post-it notes around my desk with some one-liners. Here we go....

-The Spouse was trying to talk The Boy into going to the Boat, Sport & Travel Show. I rank this one WORSE than the fair. I mean there are aspects to The Fair that I like, a bit of junk food here or there, maybe a ride or two... but The Boat, Sport & Travel Show is one of my biggest enemies. I used to suck it up and go with him every year, and finally, after birthing two boys, feel I can retire. I mean how many times can you visit Tackle Town? Look through RV's that you not only cannot afford, but do not want? No. I put my foot down this year and said, take these boys. So The Spouse was trying to talk The Boy into it and The Boy knew better. The Spouse says, come on... remember we went last year... they have all that fishing stuff.... As a last resort, and trying to let him down gently, The Boy says, "Dad? I'm not really the fishing type."

-He was wrestling around with his aunt and she said, Man! You're brutal! He came back at her with "I'm a brutal kind of guy."

-He got a huge Nerf gun for Christmas (just what our house needed...) and pelted me with it a zillion times and then said, "I think I've made my point."

-(This one might have already been posted)... His Brother said something and I said, did you hear what your brother just said? He goes, "Yeah.... I got that memo."

-When my sister and her family were here over Christmas, he and Sophie were messing with Papa's ipod. They found something and he says, "I'm SO gonna make that my ringtone."

-His Brother was playing with an astronaut toy that had his hand up in the air. His Brother taps his hand to the toy and goes, "high five!"

-His Brother also dances along with the Wii and knows the words to "Funk Soul Brother" and "Tik Tok." As he was being evaluated for therapy, I had to answer a ton of questions about what he is capable of doing. They asked if, for example, I started singing Twinkle Twinkle, would he sing along? Um.... yes... but he prefers Funk Soul Brother....and a few hits by Ke$ha...

-The Boy was putting his shoes on and struggling. He looks at me and says "LORDY this is hard!!"

And as I was going through old pics, I found this little gem:

And I'm seeing a lot of this lately:

Pray for me.