Friday, September 28, 2007

New Webpage!

I started a web page/blog for updates on our family. Now that we live away from our family and friends, I thought it would be easier than sending out emails with pictures and updates!

We are doing fine and overall, have settled in pretty well. Nathan loves his new school and is doing well there. He was invited to his first birthday party!

Kyle is doing well at JCP and loves it. He has finished his training and has been placed at Woodridge as the Store Manager! He loves his position but not the store. It is a "B" store and is not attached to the mall. He has put in for a transfer and we'll see where JCP takes us next...

My job is fine! The hardest part is getting here and home again! I'm getting used to it though. It's nice to take the train and not have to worry about traffic or running late or anything. I get on, stow my bag and put my ticket in the clip, then read or sleep for 45 minutes! It's nice. I was placed in a permanent position so it's nice not to be a "floater" anymore and I now have my own desk and work consistently for three attorneys. I have a coveted "window seat" (not everyone gets to sit by the windows!) and I have an awesome view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Quite a change from the smaller offices I've been in, but its working out well!

Attached are some pictures... enjoy!! Check back for updates on what is going on in our lives!