Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall is here! (2006)

Nathan and Kyle, 2008
Nathan and Kyle, 2006

Fall is here!

Even though it was nearly 80 degrees out and the fall weather hadn't really gotten here yet, we went to Stoney Creek and picked out a pumpkin for Natey. It was only $5 to get in! He thought it was fun and we went there two years ago and he was at the perfect age this time. I asked if he wanted to right the kiddie train or do the Haunted House, and all he wanted to do was the swings. Great... that's in our price range...

I have these same pictures of him in 2006 - will post in the next post! Hard to believe how much things have changed since then. And we were talking on the way home, this time next year, we'll be a family of FOUR!

Our pets, in Nathan's eyes

The assignment was to paint a picture of your pets. I believe this says it all...

Two black cats, obviously...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An update

Jeeze... get off my case.. okay, okay... you readers have requested an update. Sorry for the delay. Don't you know I'm working on growing a life right now?!

Kyle has a new job! Working for UPS. Thank God. Sounds like a good gig. The hours are rough but he's slowly getting adjusted to that, and it sounds like there are opportunities for him through UPS just around the corner if we can continue to be patient. We're getting good at that. So start sending packages via UPS. See what Brown can do for you...

Natey's latest one-liners:
-We were heading to Mimi and Papa's for dinner on Friday and Kyle was going to be at the Ball State game with his dad. Natey asked me if he would be with us at the game and I said no, Daddy had other things to do. From the backseat of the car, he said, matter-of-factly, "Well, he needs to stay home and get on that laundry." Yes, my dear son, he does.

-Yesterday we had to stop by Betsy and Steve's and as I was opening the door to the van, Nathan pointed at a small (microscopic) mark on the van. "MOM... did you hit something with the car? Because I see a mark RIGHT HERE." Sounds familiar from ANOTHER male in my house...(and the answer is no, I did not hit something. At least that I can recall.)

-We were tossing the football around out back while Kyle was trying to get to sleep (his new hours start at 3 a.m.!). Nathan crouched down in the "hike" position and asked me to do it also. I said, no way, I can't right now because I got this big ol' baby in my tummy. He goes, "Well, you DO need those black stripes under your eyes." If I can't crouch down, it's the LEAST I could do...

That's all I can think of for now. Here's a few pics... and hopefully soon I'll have more exciting news to talk about. :)

Here's the cat laying in our flower box. As if we built it just for her?

LOOK who can swim all by himself!!

Hard to believe Catey is five months old already! She looks JUST like her dad... sorry Heather...welcome to my world! :)

More soon from the Bartletts. Right now we're working on a name for this little one. Nathan has voted on Spider Man. Cute.