Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Camping

The Boy has been talking about wanting to go camping. He wants to make a fire, do smores, sleep in a tent, etc. So before venturing out into the wilderness, we borrowed a tent and a fire pit and tossed it all together in our backyard. He loved it! I personally loved that I was able to go inside and sleep in my own bed. The weather here has been colder than normal, so it was perfect for camping.

Gotta get yer gun and ammo if you're going to be camping (in Broad Ripple, where wild animals are everywhere...)

These two strapped their sleeping bags on their backs, walked the streets terrain of Broad Ripple to find the perfect campsite.

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mamaw said...

So cute that you sit this all up in your backyard. I know Nathan had a blast and you got to sleep in your own bed!!