Thursday, July 24, 2008

The joy of pregnancy...

About once every few weeks I have a horrible day, where certain smells put me over the edge and my stomach gets a mind of its own. Yesterday was one of those. It started with some fool at work who left cantaloupe in the fridge. From then on, I could hardly eat the rest of the day and NOTHING sounded good. But I know I have to have SOMETHING in there or I will feel even worse.

So yesterday was crummy (who says "crummy" anymore?) and Nathan is at the point too where he knows that I have days where I just don't feel good.

Last night I couldn't stop throwing up, and whoever invented the term "morning sickness" either was never up past 10 a.m., or a man. Nathan and I had the following conversation.

Natey: "Mom, is the baby making your tummy upset?"

me: "yes... it's okay buddy... it's just part of having a baby in my tummy."

Natey: (reflecting on the above statement) "Well, are you sure the baby is still IN there?"

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cocoelff said...

aw sister I'm sorry. but I know how you feel! doesn't that make you feel better, knowing someone else feels crummy, too?! and personally, I love the word "crummy"!

ps, how many more weeks of this vomiting nonesense????