Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Introducing ELI ALLEN BROWN!

Skeeter texted me this picture of her new baby boy this morning. Introducing Eli Allen Brown! We have been awating his arrival for quite some time... seems as if every day Skeeter had something to report, contractions, pains... but never a baby! And bless her heart, she went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor offered to induce her. She wanted to let nature take its course! What is she, some kind of super hero?!

I'm guessing he's got a good set of lungs...

Congrats to Tammy, Kevin, Helen and David, and everyone in the Brown/Dock clan. Cannot wait to meet little Eli in person and watch him grow up through the years! Welcome to parenthood, Tammy and Kevin! xoxo The Bartletts

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Linda said...

We Gerries love the picture of Eli. It is so wonderful that Grandma Heolen was able to be there. We laughed out loud at the first picture we saw of him...screaming no doubt. that was too cute. Congrats to all of you! Love, The Westfield Gerries