Friday, April 3, 2009

Much to celebrate...

I turned 31. Some days, I feel a hundred.

Not sure what it was about having this second baby, but instantly I sprouted new patches of grey hair and feel as if I'm on the fast track to gerrie-hood. It won't be long before I'm saying things like, "Has anyone seen my glasses?" and making friends with the waitress, as we dine at the early bird special.

Natey and Kyle made me a cake and the only candle we could find was the "4" from Natey's last birthday. SO cute though to watch him and Kyle in the kitchen together, making a cake for Mom. (By the way, Natey's new name for me is "Darlin." Natey can you get that for me? "Sure Darlin...")

Maybe I feel so old and tired from all we've been through in the last year. When I hit thirty, I was about 8 weeks from finding out I was pregnant, living in a different state, at a different job, pondering what to do, and so there's much to celebrate this year, including our homecoming and a new baby which made it all possible. Hard to believe what a difference a year makes!


Nickie Eisele said...

Did I ever tell you I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you're home? Love ya! Lou

mamaw said...

And I'm glad you're home too!!! And believe time sure flies since you and Nickie think we're all gerries!! You'll be there before you know it!! HA!! Just kidding!!