Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interesting find

I haven't been feeling well lately with asthma, but this made me laugh. I took a load of towels out of they dryer and when I returned to the laundry room, I found this:

This is Georgia...getting comfy in the dryer. And no, I didn't turn it on.

Also, a couple updates on my previous blogs. Funny how toll booth workers and Amish folk at the train station stimulate people's thinking. Thanks to all of my faithful readers, all five of you, for your input.

Skeeter said the Amish guy just wanted a hot dog. My friend Patti said that Amish are allowed to ride, but not drive. So they can ride in a car but not drive it, and they can ride the train but not drive it. Interesting.

Stand by for actual answers regarding the toll booth operations...

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