Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She's here!!!!

FINALLY… actually she was a bit early, but it feels like forever when you are waiting on a blessing.

Catherine Noel “Catey” Costlow was born today at 12:08 p.m. to Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law, Mark and Heather Costlow! Haven’t got a picture to post but my father-in-law is all over it and is reporting to me live from Clarion North. She is 19.5 inches and 7 pounds. Almost EXACTLY what Nathan was! Funny how this Bartlett family works!

Catey makes our FIFTH niece and Nathan’s FIFTH girl cousin…Poor Nathan; he’s getting used to Barbies and ponies and Polly Pockets…

Can’t wait to meet her and Steve said Heather is doing well. I stopped in church this morning to say a quick prayer for the Costlows for a safe delivery and healthy mother and baby, and prayers have been answered. God is good. :)

Also, while I'm on the topic of blessings, check out this link:

I was telling my sister awhile back how whenever Kyle and I see a soldier, we tell them thanks. It's amazing what this kind gesture does to them. Remember - if you don't stand behind the troops, you can certainly stand in front of them...

Thanks to our soldiers.

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