Monday, April 28, 2008

Big weekend in Indy!

Nathan and I had so much fun in Indy this weekend. We missed Kyle and Kyle swore we were gone for weeks but it was only four days...

My parents will celebrate their 40th anniversary on May 4 so we took them out to dinner and gave them a video of old pictures set to music. We had a nice adult dinner and had a sitter for ALL FIVE kids! So nice not to be interrupted and have to take someone to the potty or cut up someone's food, fetch a paci off the floor or refill a sippy cup. Among other higlights:

Tim learned how to text! We believe hell has frozen over!!!

Nathan got to pet the bearded dragon at Coco's school (I was on the complete other side of the room. Photo courtesy of Max Newman.)

We took this picture to send to Kyle because we missed him!
This pretty much sums up the weekend... we were on 65 South for about ten minutes and I looked back and found Natey asleep in the backseat. He slept almost until we pulled in to the driveway!

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