Monday, June 16, 2008

When you're three, this kind of thing is important.

Nathan and Kyle found a ladybug. It's funny how I can, most of the time, NOT be very patient. But when it comes to these small discoveries, which in the mind of three year old, are very important, I learn to count to ten and realize this is all part of kid-hood.

Nathan was telling me that we're Cubs fans, not Sox fans.(Grandpa, I know you are proud.) Then he said, "The Cubs are going to beat the Sox." ok... got it. Then, after reflecting on this for awhile, said, "The Cubs are gonna tell the Sox, 'Get outta da ballpark!' " I've never used the word "ballpark" in my life, so I'm guessing this is just all in the Bartlett genes. Somehow it is inherently known that this is, in fact, what the Cubs will say to the Sox at gametime.

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