Friday, August 21, 2009

State Fair 2009

I have been dreading posting this because it just bores me to tears. I mean I love the fair, I really do... but the spouse has an agenda of stuff I really could care less about. But, that's okay, it's all about compromises. I keep thinking to myself, I gotta get that state fair post up on the blog. Now really, if I don’t post it, what difference will it make? Someone will call me and go, what about the fair? Did you go? We haven't seen it on the blog. No, I only have four readers and no one is going to question the blog. And as I said, it's my blog and you're not the boss of me. I put too much pressure on myself sometimes. Anyway, yes, of course we went to the fair. I’m sure you can check the archives for the State Fair post of 2008 where I looked at 42 quilts and a tractor parade and the guy who was desperately trying to sell fried veggies. Well, we did it again this year, and yes, we did win a Spiderman before it was all said and done.

As we’re going into the building he says, “OK Em... FINE... we can go look at the quilts if you want to...” all with a giddy grin on his face. It’s like watching paint dry, folks. One quilt, 87 quilts, they all look the same to me. He’s trying to get The Boy into it. He’s not buying it. There were games to be played and rides to be ridden and junk food to be had. The Boy knows this.

Then I realize I need pictures for the blog and I said, "Now stand next to Aunt Edna's quilt so I can get a picture for her..."

His Brother did this. I was jealous. Looking at quilts does that to you.

BSU Class of 2024 - another year closer!

$20 got us this, and saved us all from a massive argument:

THEN he had to tell His Brother he won a Spiderman.

Until next year. I can’t wait to see the quilts.


mamaw said...

I know you loved those quilts!! HA!! Nickie told me about them and how you love them. Very good pics. I love seeing them and reading your blog!! You guys had fun, even though you had to see the quilts. HA!!

cocoelff said...

Did you get a goldfish?

Elff said...

what about a picture of you devouring the chocolate covered bacon Em? For THAT, I would have paid to see....$20.00 ...hey THAT would cover the cost of Spidy!!!!!

Lost your chance !!!!!