Friday, August 7, 2009

Brusha brusha brusha...

The Boy doesn’t stop.

I took him to the dentist last night. He loves going and loves talking about teeth and toothbrushes and toothpaste. Turns out the has THREE loose teeth! Dr. Tom said that’s almost unheard of, especially in a boy, and asked me if he’d ever taken a serious blow to the face. Not that I recall... nothing so serious that I would expect teeth to be loose! I mean he’s a boy... he’s constantly running and falling and hurting himself. So after a series of x-rays he found the culprits - two teeth on the bottom trying to shove their way through, making those baby ones loose. The top one, well, he did chip that one when he was not quite two, so we’ll see who falls out first. Let’s just say he’s beyond excited, and I’m trying to explain that the Tooth Fairy *might* not come to our house, because these are tough economic times and after last night’s visit, she has to save up for braces now.

-We were in the car today talking about seeing his cousins Sophie and Olivia tonight. He goes, “Mom, I haven’t seen Sophie in WEEKS.”

-He was asking me why they live in Florida. I said, well, her dad, Uncle B, got a job there. Remember when we moved to Chicago? That’s because Daddy got a job there. He goes, “Oh yeah... that was when we lived outta town.”

-After our trip to the dentist, I told him we had to run to Target to get formula for Dylan. He goes, “well how many ounces did he last eat?”

-I told him I went to the grocery and he was asking what all I got. I told him I got stuff to make tacos and he goes, “Daddy’s gonna be GIDDY.”

More to come. His Brother gets baptized this weekend and I can only imagine what will be next out of his mouth. With or without the teeth

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cocoelff said...

I'm so glad you don't live outta town anymore... xox