Friday, August 21, 2009

His Brother gets baptized

We had His Brother baptized on August 9. My sister and her kids came into town because she is Dylan’s godmother, and we had so many family and friends to help us celebrate. I even had two friends from Chicago and friends from Kokomo come! We are truly blessed in a lot of ways.

His Brother was great - smiled at the priest and didn’t cry at all! It was like he knew what was going on and that he had to be a good boy. It was awesome to watch my second child begin his spiritual journey with so many people there to help guide and support him throughout his lifetime.

With my sister being here, that meant all six grandchildren were reunited. Total chaos. They had a blast though and we started referring to them in birth order as numbers. Numbers #4 and #5 (Nathan and Olivia) were best friends and worst enemies, but mostly best friends. #6 (His Brother) held his own and was, most times, best of show. It was fun to have them around and we miss them!

He crashed in the car seat within about four seconds of us getting in the car. Poor guy!

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