Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay. Wow. I had no idea THAT many people read my blog, but apparently you lurkers are out there. So, after receiving a jillion emails about people wanting access to it, I decided not to go private. Just don’t try to steal my kids, okay? I mean you can try to find me and come beat me up, but I can probably hold my own and take you on. Now my kids, please just don’t try to steal them. They’re good kids for me but probably wouldn’t be that good for you. So it wouldn’t really be worth it.

So disregard the previous post and keep enjoying the Bartlett Blog. It’s nice to know we have a faithful following. We’re working on getting our own reality TV show. Hollywood’s been calling and the script obviously writes itself.

While we’re speaking of “disregarding” the previous post, I’ve got more from The Boy:

-I’m not sure if I posted this earlier, but he’s got a good line for when he doesn’t want me to tell someone something. Another reason I keep this blog - he’s not always wanting me to tell everyone and their brother the funny things he says. So if it’s between the two of us, he’ll say, “Mom, don’t forget, mum’s the word.” Now this also works if he says something he’s not supposed to say. For example, there is a word that is referenced to a part of the male anatomy which also references a piece of sporting equipment used in that game where you run around a diamond, also used in the game of soccer, it rhymes with “falls.” He likes to use that word on occasion. This is part of having boys; as I’ve now found out, things like that word are funny. All the time. So every now and then he’ll say the word and then go, “Mum’s the word,” as if that excuses him from saying it.

-And instead of saying “never mind...” he’ll go, “OH... okay mom... disregard.”

-We were trying to pick out a movie last night and I mentioned Home Alone because he likes Christmas movies. He goes, “Nah... that movie gives me the creeps.”

-He wanted me to fix a Lego piece and I was feeding His Brother. I said, I can fix it if you hold his bottle, so he handed me the piece and then held the bottle. He goes, “Dylan, now would be a REALLY good time for you to start holding your own bottle.”

-We were watching some show where they were talking about the New York subway system. He asked about the Subway in “Imbly-app-olis.” I told him we don’t have a subway here, but we had a train in Chicago, and the subway is like a train but it goes underground. It went like this.

Me: We don’t have subways here.
The Boy: Yes, we do.
Me: No, we don’t, we had a train in Chicago but not a subway.
The Boy: Yes, we do. There’s one right by my school, it has a yellow roof.
Remember Mom? When I went to Peter Rabbit? (He meant Subway, the
sandwich shop)

And there you have it.


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mamaw said...

He is hilarious!! He and Breydon make a good pair. HA!! I'm so glad your are blogging again!! I love your blog!! I check everyday to see if you have written anything.

CindySmith61403 said...

That is too cute! Love it!!!