Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He's 3 going on 40...

A few words from The Boy:

-Every day when I pick him up from school, we talk about his day. I get a slip that tells me what they did, but I like him to tell me what his favorite part was and how his day went. I said, "What did you have for lunch today?" He goes, "I don't know, it's *ON* my sheet...."

-Last night we were watching Family Fued. The guy goes, "Name something you see on the back of a car." The Boy hollered, "TRUNK!"

-Yesterday we were driving home and he was telling me about school. He said, "Mom, Sidney flushed the potty TWO TIMES IN A ROW at school." I said, "oh no... that wasn't a good choice. I saw that she got a yellow stick." (different colored sticks are under their name throughout the day measuring how their behavoior is. Yellow is not so good.) He goes, "Yeah... I noticed that."

-I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he wanted eggs. I said, do you want one or two? He insisted on two and I said, last time I made you two and you didn't eat one. He goes, "I want two. Don't argue with me."

WHERE does he hear such things?!

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cocoelff said...

what a goof! he cracks me up! eggs sound kinda good... did you get that waffle yet??