Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Directory of Superheroes

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m still not used to the “boy” thing and am slowly learning about superheroes and the fun of bugs, and how to make car noises with my mouth. The other day Nathan asked me a question and I struggled with it a bit.

“Momma, what’s Spider Man’s last name?”

Spidey’s last name...

Well that’s easy.


That’s his last name. Man.

So, if there were a directory of superheroes and characters, it would look like this:

Man, Bat
Man, Iron
Man, Spider

Along with:
Doo, Scooby
Hulk, The Incredible
Joker, The
Squarepants, SpongeBob

So say Spidey and his pals are at the BMV, getting their licenses renewed, and the clerk looks down at her paperwork and says, “Man?” and Spidey, Bat Man and Iron Man all get up. “Oh, I’m sorry...” the clerk says. “Man, comma, Spider...” and Spidey stands up and says, “That’s me...”


*reality check*

“Higgins. Natey, Spidey’s last name is Higgins. Or something like that.”

“No it’s not. It’s Shooter-Guy. SpiderMan Shooter-Guy.”

So there you have it. I thought my theory made more sense. But when you’re three, its apparent that Spidey’s last name is Shooter Guy.

Wonder if that’s hyphenated. Let’s see... Guy, Spider Man Shooter.....

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