Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More from Matt, Liz & Madeline

I'm still checking up on Matt Logelin, the guy I blogged about a few months ago who lost his wife one day after their baby girl was born. He's continuing to heal, seeking comfort in friends, strangers, his blog and photography and his travel, and most of all, spending time being an awesome dad to Maddy.

A recent post touched me. He recently was in a car accident and took his car in to get fixed; did it since he was going to be gone on vacation for a few days and wouldn't need his car. A friend came to pick him up and only had a 2-seater car. Liz's car sits in the driveway, untouched since she died. Here is an excerpt from his blog.


car is sitting in front

of the house,

in the spot it’s been sitting

since she died.

i’ve haven’t so much

as opened the door

since before 3/25,

but tonight,

tonight i needed to drive.

hoped to never open the

doors, but

to be honest,

tonight’s as good a night

as any.

some may ask,

“why not just rent a car?”

it’s complicated.

maybe i felt it was time

to drive her car?

i don’t really know.

cara suggested we order

a pizza.

i said no.

got inside.

stared at the steering wheel

in the dark for

more than a few minutes.

saw an empty diet coke

can sitting in the center console.

here come the tears.

reached back

for the only comfort

i know.

for the first time ever

(in the car that is, with no eye contact)

madeline found my

finger before i found her

hand, gripping it without

my help.

i smiled.

I cannot find the words to describe Matt. He's doing an amazing job, and already, at four months old, Maddy knows he's there for her, and they share a bond that no one can break. So so sweet how it was almost like she knew he needed her right then, and was there for him for comfort.


cocoelff said...

thanks.... sniff.... for sharing.... sniff sniff :) so inspiring and amazing.

Kim said...

jesus emily, i'm sitting in my cubicle at work crying, telling peopel its only my alleriges so they dont know i'm not actually, that is the saddest thing i've ever read. but what an amazing guy.