Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Note from His Brother

To our blog readers:

Normally I don’t get a chance to write on the blog. My mom hogs it and is always at the computer. Between her and The Boy wanting to get on that thing, I very rarely get a chance to get my thoughts down. Well, that and I can’t type. Or spell.

Or speak, really, but still.

Let me just say, I am sorry to report that my first posting on this blog will be that of disappointment in you, my readers.

You’ve read on this blog the trials and tribulations of this family... their time in Chicago, my impending arrival and my first smile. You’ve heard the funny things The Boy has said and what it is like to live in our home. As such, I would expect you all to, well... I guess the word is “like” us, as you come to the blog voluntarily, so you must care enough about me and The Boy to see what we are up to.

How is it, then, that you could hold out on me? Hold out valuable information that would change my life? My world? But, as good as this information is, I will let my disappointment fade, as I enjoy this newfound bliss.

I am speaking of food.

REAL food.

Not made by Gerber or those folks at Similac. I’m talking the real deal. The same stuff The Boy eats. And I KNOW it’s the same stuff The Boy eats. I’ve seen him and wondered for months what he was doing.

This, my friends, is a little piece of heaven. I was first introduced to it on Friday, and since then, I express my joy with kicks of my feet and waving my arms frantically in the air, as...well, I don’t know how to do anything else.

But this, this REAL food, is where its at. Down with peas and carrots and that “dinner” they call “Turkey and Rice.” Are you kidding me? This is the STUFF.

I’m a bit concerned because the first time I was exposed to it, I inadvertently made a real mess. I was hoping the adult units would cut me some slack because it was (a) my first time, and (b) I am still working on my small motor skills. So I tried to deny the situation. In the end, I accepted it, and luckily, I have been forgiven, as I was also introduced to toast this morning. So it appears I have redeemed myself. See the attached video.

And you, our readers... if there is anything else out there that I should know about, please let me know, okay? Or, maybe I should ask The Boy. He seems to have it all figured out.


Nickie Eisele said...

D-Man! I'm so excited that you like food. Wait until you try my favorite...MEXICAN! Let's make a date to DP soon, buddy! :) I love you!!! Mickie

Ralph said...

I love it!Dylan,what a big guy,eating real food.Your blog is so funny.Love you all,Aunt Gert

Anonymous said...

How cool is that???? Big boy food, finally!!!
And Nate's reaction?

Bartlett Blog.... said...

Nate's reaction: "Is he eating MY macaroni and cheese?"

Here we go...

mamaw said...

Yeah for real food!! He just loves it!! Before he knows it he will be at Don Pablos!!!