Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on my nieces

When I don't get this thing updated, I hear it from you people!!! A few have asked about my girls, my nieces (all five of them). Catey's pops set up a blog but never updated it again... so I don't have much to report except that she's a cutie and is getting christened next weekend. Natey loves to help with her and hold her and feed her and she's a pretty good sport about it!

The twins, Carly and Grace, just turned FIVE and had a party with "Alligator Aaron" who brought animals over to visit. They, of course, were full of their usual one liners. Aaron pulled out a creepy looking worm thing, and Grace goes, "Um... I'm not touching THAT guy."

(Carly has shorter hair than Grace now. Carly in pink, Grace in green)

They also have a small modeling gig they are working on. I think they are on the Toys R Us website. More info on that coming soon. I think Matt is just glad that they got a paying job.

Here are some pics of Sophie and Olivia. Sophie plays soccer and is EIGHT years old already...Liv is almost three and likes to wear her hair in "bades."Sophie looks about 15 to me. She's FOUR feet tall! That's only 12 inches shorter than I am!

Love how Liv is clutching Sophie's arm in this pic. She goes to school one morning a week and wants to be big like Sophie. Such a sweet picture.

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