Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Had to post before I forgot...

More from Natey's mouth:

-He was at Target with Kyle and found a train set he wanted. Kyle told him we couldn't buy it today. I came home from work and he was telling me about it. "Mom, Grandpa Steve is gonna buy it for me. I gotta call him."

-Today I wore knee-high "hose" and when I was putting them on, Natey asked what was wrong with my socks. I said, these are called "hose" and they are for girls. It's a different kind of sock. He stared down, studying them for a long time, and then goes, "Well what happened to your regular feet?"

-We had Catey's christening on Sunday (pictures to come!) and he had a piece of cake. Aunt Tammy asked if she could have his icing that he didn't want. He goes, "Of course you can!"

-Mimi got him some "boxers" just like Dad and he feels SO cool wearing them. Even told Aunt Jo, "These aren't undies. They are boxers." He was so exited and said, "I'm so glad Mimi got me these. I think she saw them and said, 'I'll just get these boxers for my dumplin.' "

-He was trying to sit on my lap (what little is left) and had a hard time, kept getting adjusted... then said, "I just don't FIT here anymore!"

-I was trying to get up off the floor from playing with him and he held out his hand and goes, "Here Momma, I'll help you..." So I thanked him for (trying to) help me and he said, "See, you got that big ol' baby in your tummy so you can't get up..."

-Also at Catey's Christening, Missy had her 7 week old baby, Ashton, there. I was holding him and said, look Natey, this is what it will be like when OUR baby gets here. Do you want to say hi to the baby? He looked at the baby for a second and goes, "No."

-He's starting to understand that a baby will be here soon and that things will change. Every now and then, he'll say, "Momma, when the baby gets here, will you hold me?" Yes, Buddy... today and every day from now on, I'll hold you until you don't let me hold you any more. I hope the adjustment is smooth for him.

On another note, went to the doctor on Friday and this baby is measuring ahead of schedule... almost THREE weeks ahead of schedule...the doctor said, "I think this baby is going to be bigger than Nathaniel." Looks like a long road ahead for me....

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The Hileman Family said...

I read this post yesterday and thought how sweet these moments are for you and Nathan. I was all sentimental thinking about my pregnancies. Then your pregnancy count down graphic caught my eye and that baby was literally spinning head over heels. I thought, "Man! Forget that! Get this pregnancy over already!"