Friday, May 16, 2008

This and That....

Been meaning to update the blog for awhile now. Not too much to report… still waiting on an answer from God as to our next move. Stay here? Move home? Find something else? Patience is hard. Keep praying for us if you can. I’ve been heading to church every morning seeking guidance. Still waiting on that.

Here are Natey’s new school pictures! Apparently schools do a Fall and Spring picture session. So much for the days of getting your picture taken in Fall, and they hand out the little combs. If you screwed it up, you had to wait for Retakes. If you screwed up your Retakes, that image was captured in the yearbook for all eternity. Thought these turned out cute though.

I was telling Amy about the random people I encounter on my way to/from work every day. This guy plays the sax outside the train station. Here he is.

For awhile I thought he might be down on his luck, looking for a few donations to fill his sax case. After observation, I saw he wore a name badge with his employer on it. So he has a job somewhere. I wonder if he’s like, “Boss, I gotta take off early today, gotta be at Union Station by 4:30 for the evening commuters… I’ve been practicing a lot lately…” He did well at Christmastime with holiday tunes. Once I was walking buy and he was playing “Tequila.” You know, the song from P.W. Herman. Once he got to the part where it was like “dada dada dad a da…..” the whole crowd went “TEQUILA!”

The other day I encountered this dude.

He was singing “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Not sure if he’s a little left of center or just felt like singing the Lord’s praise right there outside of Union Station. I saw him this morning too, hollering “God Bless America.” I took his picture. He actually posed. Every time I see him, I say, “Amen, brother.” Not sure why, but this feels like the appropriate thing to say, I guess.

That’s all that’s going on in my life. There’s more, but don’t feel like expanding on it. Just keep the Bartletts in your prayers and ask for direction. We need it.

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Linda said...

I once wanted to take a picute with my family while Satna (supposedly) was playing the sax at downtown Chicago and he said I had to pay him a dollar for taking the picture...Geeeeze