Monday, February 25, 2008

I really DO have friends....

OK so I'm a bit blog happy now that I've gotten some responses from my faithful readers... heh heh heh....this is the last post of the day since, well, I'm not paid to do this, and I've got three attorneys CLAIMING to need legal work out of me... don't they know I have priorities?

I'm always complaining to Kyle that we don't have any friends here. That is not exactly true. I have friends at work, but everyone commutes to Chicago from the suburbs so it's not like we get together on weekends or anything! So here are some pics of my Chicago friends. (my social calendar is still, well, you know, AVAILABLE if you're wanting to get together or anything....)

This is Delores. She sits next to me. Her nickname is Baby... so I call her Baby like it's her real name. Once I turned around and said, "Hey Baby," getting ready to tell her something, and just as I said that, a young attorney was walking by and turned around like I was talking to him. We about wet our pants laughing. What kind of concieted jacka$$ would just automatically assume that if someone said, "HEY BABY" that they'd be talking to him? Now whenever he walks by Delores and I laugh...

This is Baby putting her face on. She didn't want to be posted on the internet lookin' like she just woke up. She's single, gents...

This is Beverly. She has all kinds of nicknames, which I will reserve for another blog. Bev and I laugh at everything, all the time. I mean, you name it, we go off on it, and we're laughing so hard we have to hang up the phone because we're crying we're laughing at crap so hard. Again, more of that in another blog.

This is Bev demonstrating how every day, she changes her screen colors to match what she's wearing. No one knows why she does this. She just has to do it every day. She also dates everything. I mean, she has a map hanging up in her office of Chicago. It's dated 3/14/04. So, apparently on that date this year, we can say, "Hey Bev... remember when you got that map? It was EXACTLY four years ago." She gets joy out of things like that.

This is Cindy. She sits next to Bev. She has many talents, including making awesome Old School Jams CD remixes and cooking. I mean, this gal cooks it up like I've never seen. She's always bringing stuff in and saying, "I made whatever casserole. Try it." She went to culinary school but then hurt herself so she had to bail on being a chef. She hurts herself a lot. It's kind of her thing.

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