Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Look who started Kindergarten.

As I dropped him off, I surprised myself by getting choked up as I walked down the hall and back to my car. KINDERGARTEN. This is big time. And I was flooded with memories of his babyhood, of the milestones he's conquered and how maybe, just maybe, Kyle and I were a small part of his successes so far.

I couldn't wait to hear about his day, what all he did and how it all went.

"It was fine," he said. "I played with Reed. The work was easy and we had fish sticks for lunch."

That was all I got. That's how it is with boys. Any of my five nieces would have given me every detail, who wore what, what everyone's first and last names were and what kind of pencil box they had. The Boy? "We had fish sticks for lunch."

That's okay. I'll take it. I'm glad he's comfortable and likes school.

Hope it stays that way.

And a little look back on his growing up:

Fun in the snow - 2007

First Birthday... look at us. So clueless on this parenthood thing.

A few months old.

Us in 2005.

First day of school, fall, 2006.


Nickie Eisele said...

Okay..I have no words. I'm going to get my tissue now!!!

Katie Caplinger said...

That is sooo cute!! I'm with Nickie...where are my tissues????