Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Family Members

So with the unfortunate passing of James, I had the whole death speech prepared. I figured I’d get lots of questions about death and what happens when pets die. So I had it all ironed out, ready to explain about God’s big ocean in the sky, where James was enjoying eternal life up there and meeting new friends, and a speech about Heaven and how nice it is. Instead it went like this:

Me: Boy, I have some news for you.
Boy: Mom, James died.
Me: I know. I’m sorry he died... (prepping for speech)
Boy: Can Dad get me a new fish tomorrow at Petsmart? I want a frog too.
Me: Um... sure. (abort death speech)

So, although James will live forever in our hearts, his tank has new occupants now. Two fish, one frog, and four shrimp that are so hard to see I’m afraid to clean the tank for fear of pouring them down the drain. Of course The Boy was all over names. One morning I was brushing my teeth and we were talking about the new gang before Dad brought them home.

Boy: I gotta think of names before Dad comes home with my fish.
Me: I know! Any ideas?
Boy: I don’t know... I have to think. (Leaves the room)
(Three seconds later)
Boy: Edward and Ted.
Me: Sounds good.

Then with the addition of the frog, he realized he was short one name. So Dad brought them all home and we watched them in the tank. The Boy realized he didn’t have a name for the frog. In two seconds, he goes, “Lenny.”

So, please meed Edward, Ted and Lenny. Special precautions have been taken to avoid another brutal attack on them like James had to experience.

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